Located in the Heart of North Carolina, Red Heifer Farms is a product stemming from generations of expertise in the cattle industry. Here at Red Heifer Farms, we are dedicated to breed improvement and offer high quality registered Red Angus and Red Simmental cattle, as well as superior grass-fed beef. 

"Red Angus strives to deliver reliable genetic predictions to stakeholders to ensure producers are making the most informed decisions possible in pursuit of production goals."  -  Redangus.org

"Simmental cattle live for a long time compared to some other continental breeds, which reduces herd replacement costs. They’re also fertile for a large part of this long lifetime and don’t need lengthy intervals between calving. Speaking of calving, the birthing process for Simmental cows is generally considered easy and without too many complications. This is ideal for one-person farms where the pressure is all on one farmer!" - Thatsfarming.com

Coming from only the finest bloodlines, we breed our Red Angus and Simmental to be the cornerstone of breed improvement. With careful attention paid to the heritage and genetics of our cattle, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Red Angus. Red Heifer Farm offers the unique capability of allowing cattle to graze on green grass all year. This provides a great quality beef product and a naturally healthy herd.  

Red Angus Cattle and Grass Fed Beef

Breeding & Raising Red Angus  and  Hybrid Beef Cattle .