a Five Easy Steps

STEP 1:  First decide the amount of beef you would like to purchase, whether it be a  quarter, half or a whole animal. 

STEP 2:  Contact us  (email redheiferfarms@gmail.com or call: 919-742-4901) for more information and payment. 

STEP 3:  It is best if you plan ahead, so please make sure you have enough freezer space for when the delivery date arrives.  A half of a cow can easily take up most if not all of a 15 cu. ft. chest freezer. (If you do not have a freezer don't worry! We offer a freezer and beef package plan and will deliver the meat and a freezer for your convenience.) 

STEP 4:  Fill out the Cut sheet below and provide it to us so we can accommodate your wishes. You can use the beef reference guide (located below) when placing your packaging order.  

  • This is cut sheet is a PDF. You can download and fill out form from your computer, or print out form to fill out by hand. After you have filled out all applicable sections, please attache form to an email and send to redheiferfarms@gmail.com. You can also print this form and scan through email, or mail to our location at your convenience.

STEP 5: After the process is complete, we will contact you and set up a delivery time. 

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