Red Heifer Farm is located in Chatham County North Carolina and located on land that has been family owned since the great depression. The farm has been utilized for multiple agricultural initiatives over the years, but as a boy in the 1960’s, Tim found that his true passion was raising cattle. “I tried raising poultry,” Tim said, referring back to a time when he operated seven poultry houses, “but I found out quickly that I was not in control of my own destiny”. 

Right now, Tim focuses on cattle breed and genetic improvement to enhance weight gain on grass, calf rearing, heat stress tolerance, and meat quality. Tim’s closed herd consists of 40 cows that consist of Registered Red Angus a British-continental blend of Red Angus and Simmental. Tim sells freezer beef to local clients and has recently entered into a new venture of raising certified Red Angus cattle with his oldest son Dustin.