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Below are the Available Steers for Spring of 2017

Welcome to Red Heifer Farms! Home of pasture raised and affordable freezer beef. Even though the establishment of Red Heifer Farms is relatively new, the Austin family has been raising beef cattle for over 50 years. With the comprehensive knowledge acquired over decades concerning land management and herd rotation, Red Heifer Farm offers the unique quality of a closed cattle herd on a self sustained farm. This means that all cattle offered are not only born on the farm but all grass and hay offered to our cattle has been grown and harvested on our land. We are able to do this by having abundant acreage while keeping the herd at an appropriate and manageable size. We are able to offer our cattle green grass 365 days out of the year while maintaining  a healthy and vibrant heard. We are very proud of our farm and the product we provide. We welcome questions and site visits. Thank you for spending your time with us and we look forward to supplying you with high quality and affordable freezer beef.

Quarters, Halves, and Whole Beef  

What will your beef cost? 
The cost will be $4.00/lb hanging weight. The hanging weight refers to the weight of the carcass before it is processed into individual cuts. After processing, the weight of meat you receive will be approximately 25%-35% less than the hanging weight, depending on the meat cuts you select.  

Average hanging weights:

Quarter:  120-160 lbs  = approximately $450-650 for the meat. This will require at least 3-6 cubic feet of freezer space.

Half: 240-320 lbs  = approximately $950-$1300 for the meat. This will require at least 6-9 cubic feet of freezer space. 

Whole:  480-640 lbs = approximately $1900-2600 for the meat. This will require at least 12-15 cubic feet of freezer space.

Whole Beef and Half Beef
When you order a whole or half order of beef, you get to decide exactly how you want the butcher to cut it up. Before your butchering date, I will need you to download our butcher’s beef cut sheet fill it out, and send it to redheiferfarms@gmail.com.

If you want to order a quarter please read this.  If you are interested in a half, or whole skip this paragraph:

If you ordered a quarter, what you will receive what is commonly called a “split half.”  It is called this because the cuts of meat in the front half differ dramatically from the back half. To establish a fair offering we spit the cuts evenly. This will somewhat limit how you can have your beef cut, and is a compromise between the customers who will be sharing the half.  Again, this applies only to quarter orders.  If you ordered a half or whole beef, you won’t have to split or compromise the cuts. 

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For more information about what to expect when ordering beef by the side, please feel free to contact us. 

Below are the Available Steers for Fall of 2017

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